Star Anise Powder 500g

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Weight: 500grams

Ingredient: anise flower

Usage: Star anise powder of Vianco is used as a seasoning for all types of cooking meat – lamb, goat, beef, duck, and other wild meat; seafood. People combine the powder with stir-frying, baking, making broth, roasted meat, and making rice cakes.

Preservation: store the powder in a cool and dry place without the sunlight. Leftover or after-used products should be kept in a sealed jar. Draw attention to the expiration date before and when in use. Do not use it if the bag has been opened or torn.

Expiration date: 2 years

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The anise tree, the octagonal or the scientific name – Illicium Verum is a spice plant obtained from the star-shaped pods of Illicium Verum. It comes from China and Northeastern regions in Vietnam.


Anise powder is prepared by finely grinding dried anises. It is used as a seasoning for all kinds of meat as well as dishes with meat, like roasted meat and sticky rice cakes. Anise powder (is also known flavor powder) of the Vianco is an inseparable ingredient from the five-flavoring powder. Moreover, it is an ingredient in beef cooked and noodles.


For several different regions, people call this dough as repatriated powder or the flavoring one. Anise is a popular spice in the seasoning world with meat ingredients and used as natural medicine. You can make grilled dishes or roasted meat because the anise could affect your nervous system and taste.

It also alleviates pain in your stomach or intestinal and helps your digestive system. Sometimes, people utilize it as an astringent wine and aromatic toothpaste. In medicine, star anise or anise is the key ingredient of producing Tamiflu to treat flu.



Anise has a spicy taste with spleen as the medicine, so it can treat vomiting, stomach pain, bloating stomach, indigestion, and low numbness. In food, anise is a condiment of Pho and other noodle soups. For connoisseurs, the anise taste is crucial. The cook uses anise to marinate the beef and other kinds of meat. In the five flavors, anise is one of the most important ingredients.

People make anise alcohol to massage for pain and low numbness. For the fishing bat, anise can be used as an additive. Intestinal and stomach pain, anise probably soothes the pain and helps digestion. Today, anise is an element in producing the fragrance of toothpaste or liqueur.

Although anise has many benefits in our lives, we should pay attention to the dose. It might cause poisoning with drunkenness, tremor of limbs, congestion of the brain, and lungs. These lead to dangerous seizures.

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